Haaretz, Nov. 15, 2016


On June 11, 1967, the Greater Land of Israel was born and Judaism went mad. The territories. The tombs. The redemption. The Messiah. God’s promise to Abraham. The commandments of destruction, inheritance and revenge – all suddenly jumped out of the pages of the Bible and became realizable. The Hardal [a Hebrew acronym for ultra Orthodox-Zionist] monster was born, and the writing was on the wall.

Except no one wanted to read it.

[...] July 1995. A rabbinical ruling is issued forbidding the evacuation of settlements, “to hand them over to foreigners.” This is the law of moser – handing over a Jew or his property to the government. It is far more serious and deadly than the law of rodef.

[...] Someone was found who got the hints. Yigal Amir murders Yitzhak Rabin.