Haaretz, Nov. 21, 2016


there is a contradiction in contrasting wisdom with plunder and evil. There are those who will say there is arrogance in making such a contrast. If 50 years, or actually 70, of plunder pay off, it’s probably wise to support and encourage it. If we have been dispossessing the Palestinians for 70 years, taking control of their space and splintering them as a people, and nothing horrible has happened to us, that’s a sign of our people’s wisdom.

The wars and the blood that has been shed and the bereavement are insignificant if in return, we are getting clumps of earth, golden calves and military assistance from Barack Obama. And it's us, who believe in the wisdom of the rule “don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you,” who have lost our senses.

Yes! I can already hear the internet commenters down there, saying: “We’re the smart ones while you are not only traitors but also fools.”