Mondoweiss, December 26, 2016

Issac Herzog

“This is a difficult night for Israel,” said opposition leader Isaac Herzog (Zionist Union) in wake of the recent UN Security Council resolution condemning all Israeli settlements, which he opined the United States should have vetoed. Herzog said the resolution “seriously harms our capital Jerusalem, the settlement blocs and Israel’s status and diplomatic achievements accumulated over the years.”

[...] Israel has always tried to claim facts on the ground, and it has always claimed ‘security’. First it was just the ‘Auschwitz borders’, that is, ‘we’re feeling too persecuted and about to be annihilated’, as it were – and ‘now that we’ve captured larger territory we’re not going back to Auschwitz’. Then came the settlements, and they’re a fact on the ground – so they need to be defended, walled etc. Then you have the Jordan Valley, the security claim for which even former Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami regards as being ‘mythical’. And before you know it – you have a set of Bantustans surrounded and controlled from all directions.

This is the Israeli concept of ‘peace’, as it applies to Palestine – from right to left [....]

This is the hypocrisy that Herzog presents to us, in toned-down language. When compared to the loud barks from further right, his words seem moderate. But whilst the right wingers are angry, he is sorry. He is sorry that Israel has enraged the world that is now against us, that Netanyahu made too much noise rather than worked more “discretely and circumspectly” as Herzl would have had it.