Haaretz, July 30, 2017


[A]s far as morality goes, Bitan is better than any Shin Bet agent. At least he doesn’t blackmail gay people and cancer patients, and isn’t responsible for thousands of abductions and unwarranted arrests.

[...] The Shin Bet is the leading agent of the occupation. Its main role is  maintaining the occupation. Along with its operational contractor, the army – formerly an assassination contractor and now a contractor for mass arrests – its purpose is to let the occupation continue at the lowest possible cost [....]

Any cancer patient in Gaza can tell you how this evil organization has tried to exploit him with unbelievable cruelty. There is no pardon for an organization that blackmails cancer patients, offering them their lives in exchange for information. It’s hard to think of anything baser. A few weeks ago Haaretz reported how an agent named Chemi tried to egime.squeeze a hardscrabble day laborer named Taher Yaakub, who was separated from his wife and children for a year after refusing to become a collaborator . You had to meet this broken man to understand how this organization exploits human frailties.