Haaretz, Aug 13, 2017


the modest, hard-up Israeli army is making do with smaller measures: It’s building a new “barrier” around the Strip, the father of all the fences and the mother of all the walls with which Israel is surrounding itself, six meters high and reaching tens of meters underground. Israel is becoming a state with a wall at its heart: There’s nothing it likes more than to surround itself.

[...] First you create a demon (the tunnels); then you find it a megalomaniacal solution. And there you have it, another $800 million Zionist project, to be built by workers from Moldova and asylum seekers from Africa. There we have it: another wall [....]

Israel has traffic accidents. They claim many more lives than all of the terrorism from the Gaza Strip, but no one has thought about spending on the roads the amounts being spent on the defense establishment’s new toy.

There are hospital patients who are dying, housed in corridors because there aren’t enough room for them all. The budget for the Gaza barrier could turn that situation around. That too would save lives, but hospitals are not part of the security cult, and it therefore wouldn’t occur to anyone to redirect the money from the Gaza border to the Hadassah Medical Center.