Haaretz, Aug 17, 2017

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara react to his supporters during an event by his Likud Party, in Tel Aviv, August 9, 2017. AMIR COHEN/REUTERS


Here is a man who cites the "lessons of the Holocaust" at every opportunity. Here is a man who is graphic and exacting when he says "Never Again" when he talks about Iran, Hizbollah, Hamas, ISIS, Al-Qaida, Palestinian Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, and Israel's pre-1967 Green Line borders.

But with Nazis marching under the swastika in the heart of an American city, Benjamin Netanyahu can't manage to say Never Again now.

The answer may have nothing to do with Trump, and everything to do with Netanyahu. It may, in fact, have much to do with Netanyahu taking revenge and settling accounts with a range of people and groups whom he does not like to explicitly name as his enemies, deserving of his wrath [....]

Progressives and liberals and Democrats who refused to do their Jewish duty and vote for Donald Trump