Haaretz, Aug 21, 2017


When a wise and humane man named Uzzi Ornan explained the principles of the Declaration of Independence to the residents of Nofit, even his voice made no impression. The Declaration of Independence is good for public relations among cultured non-Jews, but in the battle over the purity of the race, impurity overwhelms it.

To properly understand the situation, it’s necessary to recall that Nofit is part of the Zevulun Regional Council, which contains some 13,000 residents on 63,000 dunams (around 16,000 acres), whereas Sakhnin, with a population of 30,000, has just 10,000 dunams. So every Arab has 330 square meters, while every Jew has 4,846 square meters, 14 times as much. (They’ve just informed me that the principle of equality has long since committed suicide.)

I thought, in a malicious analogy, of the man who can’t stand sand but chooses to live by the seaside, and then naively asks that the sand be removed from the beach. If so, let us say to our brothers in Nofit: If you have an allergy to Arabs, why did you come here?