Category: Opposizione israeliana

Haaretz, Aug 21, 2017


Israel doesn’t threaten. It implements. Overtly and covertly. Quickly and gradually. Officially and pirate-like. The main road to the West Bank villages of Beitillu, Deir Amar, Jamala, Deir Nidham and Al-Nabi Saleh – which has been closed for about a month – tells the story of Israel’s skill as a colonialist entity.

[...] And so, beginning in 2007, the settlers have controlled about 60 dunams of land owned by Palestinian residents who were denied access to it. Later, the settlers took control of the Al Qaws spring that belongs to Deir Nidham and Al-Nabi Saleh, renaming it Meir Spring and barring Palestinians from reaching it.

[...] About a month ago, immediately after the attack in Halamish that left three settlers dead, an outpost was built outside the entrance. It wasn’t built in an orderly procedure. Binyamin Regional Council is supposed to enforce the rules, and is expected to approve it. But the plan to expand Halamish across the road came long before the murders. The murders are being utilized as an excuse to realize old expansion plans [....]

And in the words of the settlers, who hung a sign near the military checkpoint in Halamish, “The area where you are located is under Jewish control. The entry of Arabs is absolutely forbidden and constitutes a mortal danger to you!”