Haaretz, Sep. 5, 2017


there’s no way to maintain a moral, law-abiding society that’s fair and rational, while at the same time maintaining a horrible ghetto in the south and operating a dark tyranny in the east, a gloomy space controlled by an evil military dictatorship. There is no law there and no judge; everything is permissible and everything is forsaken, available for plundering and looting. From human life to human freedom, from a person’s property to his health, from utter contempt for a person’s rights to utter disdain for the image of God in which he was created.

None of these obscene characteristics recognizes borders or checkpoints. These released passions don’t stop at any red line (or green one). Like infection and gangrene, they eventually spread throughout the body.

The rampant corruption in the top echelons of government was born from the corrupting occupation. So was the hedonism reminiscent of banana republics, and the lies, incitement, brutality, poor education, the cost of living, the cheapness of life, the greed, the constant strife and the increasingly benighted fundamentalism and also the shameful and base exploitation of the Holocaust to extract from the world a license to do anything we please [....]

[T]wo phenomena are related – the land theft law (the “regularization” law, in Orwellian parlance), which was passed in February, and last week’s address by Ayelet Shaked, in which she declared that Zionism would never bow its head to universal rights.