Haaretz, Sep. 6, 2017


Stop being afraid of Israeli emotional blackmail. Israel trades in the memory of our families murdered in Europe in order to speed up the expulsion of the Palestinians from the bulk of West Bank territory to the enclaves of the Palestinian Authority. This is the intention behind all the demolitions and confiscations and bans on construction, herding and field irrigation. Whoever plans and implements this small, gradual expulsion is already thinking about the big expulsion, to Jordan. And what will you do then? Issue condemnations and send water tankers and tents to those expelled?

[...] In six months Israel has demolished 259 Palestinian structures in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, states the French condemnation. During the same period, the Israeli government approved the construction of over 10,000 housing units in the settlements – three times more than in all of last year [....]

This is how Israel carries out a gradual expulsion. Without sanctions, it can take a deep breath and its faith in its ability to implement the plan is solid. Who knows better than you, and especially your neighbor Germany, where plans for limited expulsion lead to, and what criminal mindset they construct in the society that plans it?