Haaretz, Sep. 29, 2017


far, far worse are the pious people of the occupation. The thousands of empire thugs, whose brutality has no limits. The myriad of Torah-sanctioned villains, who live off the robbery and eviction, the exploitation and deceit, the trampling and oppression. All those malevolent souls, who even when fasting, their jaws continue to grind the flesh of the poor man’s lamb. There is no longer any hope for that lot. They are destined to drag us all to hell, and no disguise will help.

And every year on Yom Kippur, both kinds of men wrap themselves up in the masquerade prayer-shawl and shake their bones like palm fronds, beating their chest intently, convinced that their burning muttering and tearful eyes will whiten all their sins like the driven snow. For example, if heaven forbid they had listened to a woman’s voice. Or failed, God preserve us, to keep the ban on touching. Or tasted – gevalt! – something milchik too soon after fleishik, and other such dreadful crimes.

And when the Ne’ila, the concluding service, is done they return, pure, chaste and righteous, to the synagogue, or to the land, their neighbor’s stolen land, to continue living there, feeding off the public’s arteries and pocket [....]

Therefore and in honor of all these, I submit a proposal for a slight alteration in the prayer version. From now on, instead of the traditional version, the cantor will announce: “By the authority of God and permission of most of the congregation, we allow praying with the righteous.”