Haaretz, Oct 2, 2017

If the principle of “patrimony” (nahalat avot) is the ideological justification for taking land from the Arabs, the lineage of those staking their claim to this inheritance should first be examined. If somebody were to claim that he was the grandson of Baron Edmund de Rothschild he would be required to present a court with DNA test results. If not, anyone could claim to be the descendant of some baron and seize his inheritance.

[...] [I]t was the “colonial impulse” and not the “Jewish impulse” that dictated racism in determining what comprises citizenship, and that pushed for appropriating the land and resources for the benefit of one race. And so the Zionist fathers transformed Judaism from a connection between the Jew and God to a connection between the Jew and land – a dunam here, a dunam there [....]

On Avishai Ben-Haim’s “Jewish DNA” program on Channel 10, we learned that the DNA of Gush Emunim leader Daniella Weiss shows her to be 95 percent Polish. And that the DNA of MK Esawi Freige shows him to be 95 percent Middle Eastern and 67 percent West Middle Eastern. (To tell the truth, I’ve always suspected that Weiss is really a undercover agent of the European right, with the aim of tarnishing the image of all of Judaism.) So one could say that if the forefathers have heirs, Freige and his people would be the ultimate ones. Nevertheless, on the program Freige says he believes there is room for both peoples here.


from https://www.haaretz.com/misc/article-print-page/.premium-1.815181