Haaretz, Oct 4, 2017


The present closure is characterized not only by cruelty, but by a considerable degree of cynicism as well. The only reason that really makes it possible to impose it for 11 days is economic. This is a period in which the economy is almost entirely on holiday, and there’s no need for cheap Palestinian labor.

[...] Is it possible that the hidden motive for this vengeful, disproportionate punishment is actually the first signs of Palestinian reconciliation between the West Bank and Gaza Strip, between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas?

The last time such a reconciliation was in the cards, in the guise of a Palestinian national unity government, the Netanyahu-Bennett-Lieberman government greeted it with Operation Brother’s Keeper, which quickly led to Operation Protective Edge. It’s not clear what kind of escalation they’re preparing for us this time. But there’s no question that an 11-day siege on the Palestinians while the Jews are celebrating and having a good time sounds like a good start.