Haaretz, Oct 11, 2017


To Netanyahu and to the right in general, the Bible is basically seen as a combination property deed and writ of absolution: It all belongs to us, it always has, and therefore we have the right to do as we please. In fact, this is the main use that Israeli public schools makes of Judaism.

As Prof. Moshe Halbertal has noted, no matter how despicable the deed, a Bible verse will always be found to justify it. But meanwhile, secular and leftist parents, who are currently poring over their children’s textbooks in search of prayers that have infiltrated math exercises, are more afraid of some imaginary plot to turn their kids religious and are ignoring what’s right in front of their faces: an organized effort to introduce right-wing political messages [....]

Religion is only the hammer with which the sole truth is pounded into the heads of high school students and soldiers — the holiness of the mission, that is, military rule over the Palestinians [....]

Education Minister Naftali Bennett is right: It’s not about increasing religiosity, it’s about nationalization, and sanctification of the army. Ultimately, the right doesn’t really care if our kids observe Shabbat, as long as they do guard duty on Shabbat.