Haaretz, Nov 1, 2017

What would have happened had unidentified individuals in Iran, France or Venezuela attacked Jewish shopkeepers and forced them to close their shops? What apologies and expressions of shock our diplomats would have demanded from the European Union, the United Nations and who knows who else. And with what glee various researchers would have drawn a graph of global hatred and been interviewed at length, with grave expressions, about the worrisome anti-Semitic characteristics – so reminiscent of a dark past – of robbing Jews of their livelihood and destroying their property.

[...] [O]ver the past few weeks, unidentified individuals have stolen olives from more than 1,000 trees in 11 Palestinian villages in the West Bank – Azmut, Awarta, Yanun, Burin, Qaryut, Far’ata, Jit, Sinjil, Al-Magheir, Al-Jinya, Al-Khader [....]

[N]ext year, residents of [Al-Walaja] will contend with strict conditions for getting a permit – conditions that contradict the Palestinians’ custom of working the land collectively, and which very likely won’t allow them to continue growing vegetables there [....]

The rhetoric here makes clear why, say, a European and South American boycott of, say, Israeli agricultural produce is necessary and justified. This may be the only thing that can make Israelis stop yawning.


from https://www.haaretz.com/misc/article-print-page/.premium-1.820274