Haaretz, Nov 1, 2017

The Israeli right, in all its forms, wants exclusively Jewish control over all of the Land of Israel. To the Palestinians who live in this space, it promises residency – temporary, of course, on condition that they keep their heads down, accept their designated status and behave accordingly.

The Palestinian right, in all its forms, wants exclusive Muslim-Arab control of all of Palestine. To the Jews who live in this space, it promises, in the best case, the status of a protected people, on condition that they accept their inferior standing as dhimmi and behave accordingly. In the worst case, it promises to ship them overseas, to their “countries of origin.”

[...]This is the time to admit, sadly, that both the Palestinian right and Israeli right currently have the upper hand. This right, Palestinian and Israeli, which relies on religious myths, does not have the ability to compromise [....]

In a mixed and multinational state, a real left must transcend ethnic and national borders. Such is not the case with the “left” in Israel. The two Israeli movements, Meretz and Hadash, which purport to represent a leftist outlook, have proved unable to cross ethnic boundaries. Meretz continually proclaims that it is a Zionist party, while Hadash proclaims its Palestinian nationalism.


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