Haaretz, Nov 2, 2017


The tunnel from Gaza was absolutely a danger to Israeli lives. Islamic Jihad said it was intended for the purpose of abducting soldiers. Snatching people from their beds is, of course, a privilege reserved for Israeli soldiers. They do it nightly. Israelis said the tunnel would be used to murder women and children. In any case, Israel had a right, a duty even, to foil the threat to its citizens and residents’ safety and hit the tunnel. But the timing was suspicious: just as the Palestinians are trying to unite in Gaza, just before the transfer of responsibility for the border terminals between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

One needn’t be overly suspicious to realize that Israel would do anything to sabotage Palestinian reconciliation; it jeopardizes Israel’s intransigence and threatens to call its bluff. Just imagine a unified Palestinian partner for peace suddenly appearing, God forbid [....]

It isn’t hard to imagine what would have happened if a Palestinian organization had wiped out eight Israeli generals. Gaza’s skies would have gone red, its building would tremble [....]

Israel has no right to preach about respecting sovereignty. When its troops invade Area A West Bank cities (under Palestinian control) nightly to abuse their residents, to make a show of force, to keep the soldiers alert, to make arrests or confiscate cash, separately or together, it cannot demand that its sovereignty be respected.