Haaretz, Nov 6, 2017


In order to shape the reality of the enclaves, a whole web of ideologues, generals, lawyers, officials, seekers of improved housing, rabbis, politicians, geographers, historians, contractors and many, many more were needed. Therefore, one person is not enough to block a policy that a determined and fully coordinated web designed. Not even Rabin – even if we assume for a moment that he realized a logical agreement could be based only on a contiguous Palestinian state.

[...] And these are the foundations of the reality of the enclaves – which are the opposite of a state: Cutting off the Gaza Strip from the West Bank; cutting off East Jerusalem from the rest of the Palestinian area; Area C; a weakened Palestinian leadership; strengthening the settlements and settlers; two unequal infrastructures and legal systems – one for the Jews and one for the Palestinians; the use of the security pretext as a colonialist tool.

[...] The assassin was so successful because, contrary to the right-wing propaganda, the government headed by Labor had no intention of cutting the umbilical cord by which it was connected to its colonialist methods and goals. The argument with opponents in Likud was never about the principles, but only about the number and size of Bantustans to be allocated to the Palestinians.