Category: Opposizione israeliana

Haaretz, Nov 30, 2017


The Israelis know. They know everything.

[...] They know. They just don’t want to know. They virtually jump out of their skin not to know. Drops of sweat break out on their foreheads from the intense effort not to know. To ignore, to suppress, to deny, to justify. The Israelis haven’t invented the system. That’s exactly how it was with colonial France, with Belgium and its colonies, with The Netherlands and its conquests, with England and its empire and yes, also with Germany and its stolen Lebensraum. Everybody knew, but tried really hard not to know [....]

I’ve seen with my own eyes, countless times, what happens when you try to inform an “uninformed” Israeli. At once his gaze becomes glassy, his pupils seek refuge, and you can actually hear the whistle of the words penetrating one ear and fleeing out the other. A voice, as everybody knows, is supposed to travel at the speed of sound. Between the two ears of an information-dodger, sound moves at the speed of light.

So there’s no need to inform the Israelis. They already know. And it’s pointless to force them to know what they know. It only annoys them.