Haaretz, Jan 1, 2018


Most Palestinians, in contrast, aren’t Israeli citizens, and for those who are, their citizenship is both Class D and conditional. There is always legislation in the pipeline that will further reduce their status. And the Palestinians who aren’t citizens don’t count at all, because they have no right to vote. It’s always possible to imagine and plan for their expulsion from this land, not merely their arrest.

The people who rule the Palestinians, on both the bureaucratic and political level, don’t depend on their votes to get elected or be appointed and earn their living. Quite the contrary: The more they oppress the Palestinians, the more assured their livelihood is.

Israeli economic protests – by teachers, the disabled, junior university faculty, doctors, nurses and others – have ceded all political character by refusing to demand a shift in the division of resources, which prioritizes arms build-ups and the investment of enormous resources, with no transparency, in Yesha-stan.

Arms build-ups, military careers and the settlements – identical triplets subjugating the Palestinians – are Israelis’ immediate or potential compensation for the destroyed welfare state.