Haaretz, Jan 4, 2018

Israel is demonstrating how well it has internalized the origins of totalitarianism and put them at the heart of its control over millions of “non-persons” in that faraway place that is barely 10 kilometers from here – that void referred to in the legal language invented by Israel as “the region.”

[...] We can incarcerate any Palestinian as long as the regime decides that he or she is deserving.

It wasn’t only the military injunctions that were waiting to be enforced. It was also the norms imported from Israeli law into the region by enlightened military judges, law that was enacted for citizens like them, but which they, due to the “danger posed by the defendant,” are so kind as to enable the accused of the region to benefit from as well, such as, for example, the Palestinians who automatically get to enjoy everything detention has to offer until the conclusion of legal proceedings [....]

As Arendt wrote in another context, which is essentially the present context, the Palestinians’ fate is not defined by their being unequal before the law, but by the fact that no law exists for them anymore.