Haaretz, Oct 11, 2017


To Netanyahu and to the right in general, the Bible is basically seen as a combination property deed and writ of absolution: It all belongs to us, it always has, and therefore we have the right to do as we please. In fact, this is the main use that Israeli public schools makes of Judaism.

Haaretz, Oct 1, 2017


In kindergarten, youngsters pray for the rebuilding of the Temple; Jewish identity centers, reinforced by members of “Torah nucleus” groups and Orthodox girls doing civilian service instead of going into the army, seek to settle in the hearts of secular Israeli cities; a new and glittering curriculum was launched on “Jewish-Israeli culture”; and now a religious nongovernmental organization identified with the religious-Zionist movement has been called in to teach parents and teachers.

Haaretz, Oct 4, 2017


The present closure is characterized not only by cruelty, but by a considerable degree of cynicism as well. The only reason that really makes it possible to impose it for 11 days is economic. This is a period in which the economy is almost entirely on holiday, and there’s no need for cheap Palestinian labor.

Haaretz, Oct 4, 2017

I would have expected a museum in Jerusalem that believes that “music touches everyone without discrimination, segregation or prejudice,” even under private ownership, to caption its displays not just in Hebrew, English, French, Russian and Spanish, but also in Arabic, which is still one of the country’s official languages and is spoken by a third of the residents of the greater Jerusalem area.

Haaretz, Oct 2, 2017

If the principle of “patrimony” (nahalat avot) is the ideological justification for taking land from the Arabs, the lineage of those staking their claim to this inheritance should first be examined. If somebody were to claim that he was the grandson of Baron Edmund de Rothschild he would be required to present a court with DNA test results. If not, anyone could claim to be the descendant of some baron and seize his inheritance.