Haaretz, Oct 28, 2017


Imagine a power promising to turn Israel into the national home of the Israeli Arabs and calling for the Jewish majority to suffice with “civil and religious rights.” That’s what happened then, but in an even more discriminatory way: The Jews were an even smaller minority (less than a tenth) than Israeli Arabs are today.


INTERVISTA. «Il capitalismo globale reprime i popoli usando il concetto di pacificazione. Ma l’Occidente non ha molta esperienza in questo tipo di conflitti. E Israele gli fornisce armi e high tech», spiega lo storico attivista e fondatore di Icahd

Jeff Halper

Jeff Halper

Il Manifesto

Israele vende in Europa le tecnologie di confine sviluppate sui palestinesi a Gaza e in Cisgiordania. Questa è la Palestina globalizzata. I

Haaretz, Oct 11, 2017


To Netanyahu and to the right in general, the Bible is basically seen as a combination property deed and writ of absolution: It all belongs to us, it always has, and therefore we have the right to do as we please. In fact, this is the main use that Israeli public schools makes of Judaism.

Haaretz, Oct 17, 2017

Why is Israel so concerned about a Palestinian woman from Ramallah who is married to a citizen of a certain European country, or about a Palestinian man from Bethlehem whose beloved has an American passport? What bothers Israel so much about these “mixed” couples that it sends its long arm into their bedrooms, yanks the partner who is not a resident of the West Bank out of there – and deports them beyond the borders of Israel?

Haaretz, Oct 1, 2017


In kindergarten, youngsters pray for the rebuilding of the Temple; Jewish identity centers, reinforced by members of “Torah nucleus” groups and Orthodox girls doing civilian service instead of going into the army, seek to settle in the hearts of secular Israeli cities; a new and glittering curriculum was launched on “Jewish-Israeli culture”; and now a religious nongovernmental organization identified with the religious-Zionist movement has been called in to teach parents and teachers.