Haaretz, Sep. 29, 2017


far, far worse are the pious people of the occupation. The thousands of empire thugs, whose brutality has no limits. The myriad of Torah-sanctioned villains, who live off the robbery and eviction, the exploitation and deceit, the trampling and oppression. All those malevolent souls, who even when fasting, their jaws continue to grind the flesh of the poor man’s lamb. There is no longer any hope for that lot. They are destined to drag us all to hell, and no disguise will help.

+972, June 28, 2017


One might be tempted to conclude that Israeli support for the status quo translates into opposing the resumption of peace talks. In practice, the opposite is true. The peace process itself helps strengthen the status quo.

September 24, 2017

B'Tselem Executive Director, Hagai El-Ad said, following the State's response submitted earlier today to the High Court of Justice, that the state was asking the court to authorize a war crime: "No sanctimonious language about a ‘planning, proprietary and realistic’ alternate, or ‘time to prepare’ can erase the disgrace or hide the facts: the destruction of Khan al-Ahmar means the forcible transfer of protected persons, and forcible transfer is a war crime. Those responsible for it will bear personal criminal liability – exactly as B’Tselem stated two weeks ago, in a letter addressed to the prime minister, defense minister, justice minister, chief of staff and the head of the Civil Administration."

+972, September 12, 2017

Dr. Ruchama Marton in her home in Tel Aviv. (Shiraz Grinbaum/Activestills.org)

Dr. Ruchama Marton in her home in Tel Aviv. (Shiraz Grinbaum/Activestills.org)

“What borders? There are no borders, there will be no borders, and I don’t see that there is any intention to draw them now. But beyond that, dispossession is an unending task. Those occupied people, those dispossessed people, whether they are inside the Green Line or outside of it, they do not agree. They do not give up. They don’t agree to be dispossessed of their land, of their water, of their humanity. As Hannah Arendt said: without political rights there is no human being. Political rights come before everything else. Before the right to property, movement, assembly. Those are all very nice but they are secondary. Without political rights, everything you do is charity. Without political rights, there is nothing.”

Internazionale, 11 settembre 2017

Una famiglia palestinese nel villaggio di Al Aujia, in Cisgiordania 8 aprile 2015. (Menahem Kahana, Afp)

I beduini della tribù Kaabneh sono tenuti lontani dai pascoli da 13 anni dal proprietario di un ranch illegale. Ma di recente insieme agli attivisti dell’ong israeliana Taayush e di quella italiana Operazione colomba hanno deciso di sfidare il selvaggio west, che può contare su pistole, soldati, bugie e il sostegno dello stato. Forse mi stanno mandando un messaggio, mi stanno invitando a chiudere la bocca? O sono solo paranoica e megalomane?