Haaretz, Sep. 6, 2017


Stop being afraid of Israeli emotional blackmail. Israel trades in the memory of our families murdered in Europe in order to speed up the expulsion of the Palestinians from the bulk of West Bank territory to the enclaves of the Palestinian Authority. This is the intention behind all the demolitions and confiscations and bans on construction, herding and field irrigation. Whoever plans and implements this small, gradual expulsion is already thinking about the big expulsion, to Jordan. And what will you do then? Issue condemnations and send water tankers and tents to those expelled?

Haaretz, 10/09/2017


Zionism,” Shaked said, “should not continue and will not continue to bow down to the system of individual rights interpreted in a universal way.” She called for grounding individual rights within a nationalist context in which national tasks, identity and history take preference over universal individual rights.

August 15, 2017

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a Likud rally in Tel Aviv, August 9, 2017. (Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a Likud rally in Tel Aviv, August 9, 2017. (Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)

Mr. Netanyahu did state one essential truth, however: the world can bring an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

Haaretz, Sep. 5, 2017


there’s no way to maintain a moral, law-abiding society that’s fair and rational, while at the same time maintaining a horrible ghetto in the south and operating a dark tyranny in the east, a gloomy space controlled by an evil military dictatorship. There is no law there and no judge; everything is permissible and everything is forsaken, available for plundering and looting. From human life to human freedom, from a person’s property to his health, from utter contempt for a person’s rights to utter disdain for the image of God in which he was created.

Haaretz, Sep. 7, 2017


Eight family members, including an 84-year-old man in a wheelchair, were evicted from the apartment because before 1948, its owner was Jewish. Now the house has been returned to the owner’s heirs, the descendants of the late Haim Ben Sulimani Yan’i.