Haaretz, Jul 26, 2017


The first is the automatic Israeli contempt for Arab life [....]

Haaretz, Jun 19, 2017


IIt was a battered yellow Fiat 500 traveling to the nearby village. The passengers were a father, mother and two small children, all of them terrified. They had good reason to be scared.

Haaretz, Jul 30, 3017


The expectation is that the Jewish state will allow itself to murder Arabs on the pretext that they are terrorists. But it will not kill them because they are terrorists, since it will not execute Jewish terrorists. The state of Israel murders them because they are Arab.

Haaretz, July 30, 2017


[A]s far as morality goes, Bitan is better than any Shin Bet agent. At least he doesn’t blackmail gay people and cancer patients, and isn’t responsible for thousands of abductions and unwarranted arrests.

Haaretz, Jul 24, 2017


at the checkpoints they ask elderly people who, like their parents and grandparents, were born in the city: “Where are you from? Show us your papers.” It’s so offensive. So cruel. But we shouldn’t expect anything else from foreign, coerced rule.