The Huffington Post, 03/05/2015


Some protesters, many of whom were Israeli Jews of Ethiopian descent, sat in the middle of large intersections in Tel Aviv, purposely stopping traffic to bring attention to what they say is inherent racism within parts of Israeli society. Others linked arms and led marches down streets, raising their fists and Israeli flags high above the crowd.

May 1, 2015

Presentation by David Sheen
at the University of Southern Maine
in Portland, ME on March 12, 2015

Haaretz, 29.04.15


More than eight months after the war that decimated Gaza’s civilian infrastructure, killed 2,132 Palestinians (and 72 Israelis) and displaced thousands, the reconstruction is still stalling, according to a report by the Association of International Development Agencies. More than 12,000 homes are still waiting to be rebuilt, and 100,000 people are still homeless.

Haaretz, 04.05.2015


The prosperous country stems from the unwitting dispossession of the indigenous people — unwitting but with its share of cruelty.



“I speak to you as one settler to another” is how I usually start my lectures to the converted, namely audiences who oppose the Israeli occupation (it’s my habit to tell listeners things they don’t want to hear). My audience members clear their throats, pause and giggle with embarrassment.

Haaretz, 04.05.15


the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict shows scarcely any anti-Arab Mizrahi characters. On the contrary, at key junctures it was actually Mizrahi leaders – who constituted a marginal minority – who labored to reduce the level of hostility toward Arabs. In his book “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine,” Ilan Pappé describes how Eliyahu Sasson – a member of David Ben-Gurion’s 12-man “Consultancy” in early 1948 – was the only one to oppose his policies. Sasson objected to the attack on the village of Al-Khasas in December 1947, calling it “barbaric,” and requested that the Haganah attack only “hostile” locations. All the other members, most of whom were of European origin, ignored him so eventually he stopped talking. It wasn’t the right time for Mizrahi Jews.