+972, April 18, 2015

IDF openly tells the 7,000 residents of Hizma that they are being collectively punished for the stone-throwing of a few Palestinians.

18 marzo 2015


Una pubblicità apparsa su Ynet, un nuovo sito web gestito da un oligarca rivale, lo spiega chiaramente: un appartamento di quattro stanze nella colonia di Ariel (a 30 minuti di auto da Tel Aviv) costerà 350mila dollari. Un appartamento di tre stanze alla periferia di Tel Aviv costa mezzo milione. A questo bisogna aggiungere le esenzioni fiscali, l’aria pulita e il bel panorama, strade migliori, assistenza sanitaria e istruzione.

+972, March 28, 2015


the settlers, the people whose presence is illegal in the territories, are free to leave the West Bank and enter Jerusalem as they wish while the Palestinians are treated like criminals. Under occupation, everything is hafuch al hafuch al hafuch—the reverse of the inverse of the reverse. Down is up and up is down and down is up.

Haaretz, 13.04.15


no moral question is being raised regarding Israel’s role in creating the killing fields there. On the contrary, one literary knight has established that the world is divided between the Jews and the Jew-haters, so perhaps now is the time to ascertain whether those human shadows lined up for slaughter at Yarmouk are Jew-haters. If so, then they’re apparently getting what they deserve.

Haaretz, 05.04.15


Seth Mandel, a columnist for Commentary Magazine, highlighted U.S. President Barack Obama’s statements after the agreement: “Here is what Obama said about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: ‘It’s no secret that the Israeli prime minister and I don’t agree about whether the United States should move forward with a peaceful resolution to the Iranian issue.’ ... In other words, Obama is saying publicly that Netanyahu wants war with Iran, and he wants the United States to fight it.”