Haaretz, Jul 18, 2017


It began in 1967 with the expulsion of hundreds of Arab Jerusalemites – men, women and children – from the area of the Western Wall, the destruction of their homes and the construction of a quarter solely for Jews.

Haaretz, Jul 17, 2017


4. It’s not happenstance that the two Israeli policemen killed were Druze. Israel has deliberately assigned large numbers of them to areas where the friction with the oppressed Palestinian is direct and unmediated: In the Civil Administration in the West Bank, in the alleyways of Jerusalem’s Old City, in the Hebron police. Let them attack each other, hate each other as much as possible, swell with bitterness against each other, savage each other. Let their common Palestinian identity be shattered and pulverized.

Haaretz, Jul 10, 2017


The original bill had a provision stating that Israel would have only one official language, Hebrew, and that Arabic would lose its status as an official language and instead become a language “with a special status.” This provision is in an ongoing dialogue with previous attempts to weaken Arabic’s status in Israel. Arabic is a language that has official status on paper, but in practice is greatly inferior to Hebrew and even to English, which isn’t an official language.

Haaretz, Jul 13, 2017

Adolf Hitler often referred to the 'Laughing Jew' trope, the anti-Semitic backstory to Hungary's anti-Soros campaign: German People's Party poster on sale in a Munich auction. April 24, 2017. Matthias Schrader/AP


When the Hungarian government, under pressure, announced Wednesday that it would remove the posters from the public sphere, it did not apologize for their anti-Semitic character, but declared that their aim had already been achieved. 

Haaretz, Jul 12, 2017


The place was so sacred in the eyes of the settlers that Rabbi Moshe Levinger allowed his toddler son to urinate at the top of the stairs at the entrance for the Muslims.