London Review of Books, 18 April 2020

With some of the highest population densities in the world, social distancing in refugee camps is nearly impossible.

Middle East Monitor, January 4, 2018

A Palestinian child can be seen outside make-shift homes in Gaza [Apaimages]

Thousands of public servants and their families in Gaza have had no income for months; thousands of poor families have no social benefits to fall back on; and thousands of workers’ families have no money because more than 80 per cent of the businesses and 90 per cent of factories in Gaza have already stopped production.

Haaretz, Dec 4, 2017

Aisha Hassouna and her daughter Lara in the Gaza Strip, Lara's 4-year-old twin sister Yara died in July, before a pacemaker could be fitted. Khaled al-Azayzeh

This time, to ensure that the application for the permit would not be denied because of the identity of the accompanying adult, the mother’s grandmother was selected as the accompanying adult: 72 years old. The application was granted and the two set out for Jerusalem.

Haaretz, Dec 19, 2017

The Hamas government in Gaza has in recent days arrested many Salafi militants, apparently with the aim of halting their groups' rocket fire into Israel. Hamas has sent a message through several channels, above all Egyptian intelligence, that it seeks to avoid a an escalation of the recent violence with Israel.

Haaretz, Nov 7, 2017


Israelis refuse to comprehend that Gaza is a huge prison, and that we are the wardens. That’s why they are chained by their own voluntary ignorance. Reporting on the situation is easily turned into propaganda for use by policymakers. On the other hand, the omissions and distortions in articles written by officials who carry out the policy are natural. Such as the article written by the coordinator of government activities in the territories, Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, and two of his colleagues, which appeared last week on the Institute for National Security Studies website.