Haaretz, Dec. 11, 2015


In prison, Shehab would watch Israeli TV and realized that Palestinian officials knew little about Israeli society.

[...] He says he has two goals; one is being done: To translate Hebrew media into Arabic so Palestinians can know more about what Israelis are thinking and planning. The other is to write in Hebrew for an Israeli audience so the Palestinian voice can reach Israelis directly “without makeup and advertising.”

In Alfaleet’s class, 22-year-old Ibraheem Omar sports a long beard and a long djellaba robe. He says in fluent English he’s very keen to learn Hebrew.

“I love languages and I’ve always wanted to learn Hebrew, not only because it’s the language of the enemy but also because languages make you better able to understand different cultures around the world,” he says.

People in Gaza were more open to Israelis in the past; Israeli TV channels 1 and 10 were the stations most watched in the Strip.