Haaretz, Jul. 26, 2016


my main questions about travel restrictions on merchants and business people were not answered. Starting with isolated incidents which suddenly became sweeping, the Shin Bet canceled their permits and forbade the more prominent ones to continue importing goods that they’ve brought in for years ­— even for decades.

[...] “Some people set up businesses in the West Bank or abroad (some of whom invested overseas due to the prohibition on exports from Gaza). They invested millions. They came to renew their permits and were denied. M., who set up a plant in Jericho for $16 million, is denied? You wipe his whole life out, someone whose whole business is elsewhere, who has invested in the West Bank, you tell him he’s not allowed to, just like that? It doesn’t work like that. Never. Would you all of a sudden tell the biggest meat importer to Israel that his permit is revoked? I myself haven’t had a permit for two months now.