Haaretz, Aug 23, 2017


the early retirement announcement is a means of pressuring Hamas.

The retirees would receive a monthly pension of between 40 percent and 70 percent of their salaries, depending on seniority, that is, between 1200 and 3000 shekels a month ($332–$830).

After the announcement in Ramallah, the Hamas government interviewed thousands of candidates for the positions that will be opening up, mainly in the education system. But the lack of an official date and names of retirees makes finalizing things difficult. 

Teachers are relatively easy to replace, while finding experienced physicians to take over, especially specialists, is difficult. The Palestinian Health Ministry employs 1,869 doctors, among them about 900 who receive their salaries from Ramallah. 

Some physicians have said they will refuse to take early retirement, so as not to damage further the already weakened health system in the Strip. Doctors who continue to work under Hamas face loss of their pension rights.