al Shabaka, July 13, 2017

gaza political humanitarian crisis


Though the Strip uses four different sources of energy, it receives a mere 30 percent of its energy needs. On June 12, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government cut electricity supplies even further, leaving two million people with only four daily hours of power. On June 20, Israel responded to Abbas’s request that power be cut even further, and slashed electricity to only two hours daily. With such punitive measures from the PA, along with its recent cut of Gaza employees’ salaries by between 30 and 70 percent, Abbas is hoping that the Strip’s bone-tired population will revolt against Hamas.

This outcome does not appear likely. Many young men are joining Hamas’s military wing, the Al-Qassem Brigades, though not because of political or ideological beliefs, but because they are desperate to secure a livelihood [...]

Suicide rates and drug use have also increased [....] Moreover, and against the Palestinian child law, children are begging in Gaza’s streets.

It is crucial to differentiate between these people who are suffering – the people of Gaza – and Hamas, as well as between the Palestinian cause and its illegitimate political leaders