Haaretz, Nov 10, 2017

Palestinians filling bottles and jerricans with drinking water at Al-Shati refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip, on March 22, 2017. HOSAM SALEM / NurPhoto


Even IDF Major General Yoav Mordechai, co-ordinator of Israel’s activities in the Occupied Territories through COGAT, urges Gaza’s economic development. One needn’t be a humanitarian to see that, while Israel is emphatically not secured by the immiseration of Gazans, it may be imperiled by their despair.

Of course, the blockade itself is the first anomaly of Gaza, and the immediate cause of Gazans’ suffering. That our Western governments tolerate the blockade wall – having dismantled so many other restraints of movement and trade – is the second anomaly [....]

Work? Gazans wait four years for a place in UNRWA’s temporary work program [....]

Gaza’s population was 80,000 in 1948. It has grown twenty-five times on this emergency regime. You would be kind to feed four refugees, but you would be mad to keep feeding them until a hundred people were penned up in your backyard, asking to work.