Haaretz, Dec 4, 2017

Aisha Hassouna and her daughter Lara in the Gaza Strip, Lara's 4-year-old twin sister Yara died in July, before a pacemaker could be fitted. Khaled al-Azayzeh

This time, to ensure that the application for the permit would not be denied because of the identity of the accompanying adult, the mother’s grandmother was selected as the accompanying adult: 72 years old. The application was granted and the two set out for Jerusalem.

[...] Yara didn’t know her well and refused to accept help from her at the hospital. The little girl thought her parents had abandoned her, and during the whole time she was at Al-Makassed, where she underwent catheterization, she refused to speak to her parents on the telephone. “I felt like my heart was crushed with longing for her voice,” said Hassouna, Yara’s mother.

[...] A week before the appointment the family’s mobile phone received an instant message saying the request was still under consideration. The appointment was missed. The days passed, Yara’s condition worsened and when she experienced shortage of breath and choking she was again taken to the European Hospital. Another appointment was made at Al-Makassed, for July 20, to implant a pacemaker that is not available in Gaza. But Yara died at the European Hospital on July 13.