Mondoweiss, Nov 17, 2017

Sam Bahour of Right to Enter


“They’re targeting anyone for anything. They just want to find any little thing and kick you out, because if we stay here and keep making babies, there’s more Palestinians here,” Claire said. “But if we aren’t allowed to stay, we’re gone, and hopefully we’ll take our families with us.”

[...] Recent reports of visas petering out for NGO workers, BDS activists, and journalists seeking to work in the occupied Palestinian territory, in addition to spouses, are likely, in Bahour’s view, tied to other longstanding policies such as the .

“I think the entire policy is to empty Palestine of its brains, of its capacities, in a voluntary manner,” Bahour said. “One family at a time has to take the decision that’s it’s too costly or too volatile of an environment from an administrative point of view to be worth staying here.”