Durante l’incontro alla Casa Bianca si è discusso anche di Teheran e delle strategie per contrastarne l’influenza nella regione. Il premier israeliano: “Gli arabi e l’Arabia Saudita in particolare non ci considerano più come nemici, ma come degli alleati”


Roma, 22 febbraio 2017, Nena News – Sono numerosi e preoccupanti i particolari emersi dopo il summit di Washington tra il primo ministro israeliano Netanyahu ed il neo presidente americano Donald Trump.

Mondoweiss, February 20, 2017

(Photo: Yakov Rabkin)


There are no guards at the entrances to synagogues and Jewish institutions, just as it used to be when I first came to know Jewish venues in Montreal, Baltimore and Paris.

Jerusalem Post, 21/08/15


Ehud Barak


Ehud Barak said a plan to attack Iranian nuclear facilities when he was defense minister was sabotaged by the hesitancy of fellow cabinet members Yuval Steinitz and Moshe Ya’alon, the man who would replace him at the Defense Ministry compound in Tel Aviv.

Haaretz, Dec. 18, 2016


Netanyahu noted that the new planes “could operate in any arena, near or far.” There is no need to explain who lives far away (but, a clue, they speak Persian).

Haaretz, Apr. 10, 2016


Yet lo and behold, here’s what has happened since then, according to a senior defense official: Iranian payments to Hezbollah and Hamas haven’t grown, even though that famous $100 billion the Iranians were to get was unfrozen back in January. Iran is honoring the agreement, and its nuclear program has been set back; in other words, even if the Iranians were to blatantly violate the agreement, it would take them, according to our own defense establishment, more time to obtain the bomb than it would have taken them had the agreement not been signed.