ynet, 14.10.15

Three-year-old Nura at her kindergarten. (Photo: Ynet)
Three-year-old Nura at her kindergarten. (Photo: Ynet)

“If there is an Arab kid in the kindergarten it’s time to expel him!” wrote one of the parents in relation to a 3-year-old Arab Bedouin girl, Nura, who attends the kindergarten.

“She has no place in the Jewish State," the parent wrote. "She should study in her village. Go to Syria; they love you there, Assad is waiting.” 

Hamed, the toddler's father, has announced he intends to remove her from the kindergarten. He accused the parent who demanded her expulsion of racism.

[...] [T]he parent that demanded the expulsion wrote: “I hope they burn your village! F**k you and the media you Arab dog.”

Continuing his rant, the parent wrote: “[...] I hope their villages are closed off and they die from hunger. [...]

[...]“The guy went on and on and on like nothing was the matter,” Hamed told Ynet. “He called me an ‘Arab dog’ and said he hoped our villages get burned [...]”.