Haaretz, Oct. 17, 2015

Amjad Abu Sabia from the northern village of Dabburiya has not recovered since an angry mob almost lynched him last Thursday. It happened shortly after two people were stabbed by a Palestinian in nearby Afula. Abu Sabia didn’t even know about it even though it took place a few hundred meters from the fast food stand he co-owns, near the central bus station. Suddenly a crowd of people holding clubs and stones appeared and started cursing and running wild. He says there were more than 100 people there “and they were all about to attack me, not a single one showed pity or compassion.”

 He went inside, closed and locked the front and back doors and sat there while the inflamed mob outside broke garbage containers and the store’s sign. He sat there until the police extracted him and led him to his car. “I felt like a prime minister,” he tries to joke this week, admitting he still finds it hard to believe he remained alive.


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