Haaretz, Apr. 16, 2016


"You should see how [Palestinian laborers] stand waiting to enter Israel. People stand there in sub-par conditions, in the summer in the heat, in the winter in the rain. What prevents us from fixing this? What, 50 million shekel is our issue?"

Ariel continued, describing the dire conditions at the checkpoints, saying Palestinian laborers arrive at the checkpoint at 3AM to cross into Israel by 7AM, waiting for hours "without water." [...]

"Build the port in Gaza. Everything under 100 percent security, there is a way to do so, I know," he said in reference to his suggestion to Netanyahu, adding: "Why are you [Netanyahu] taking the other side and saying 'we'll consider it.' What is there to consider? We are considering for 47 years and they have no international port… why shouldn't they have a port?"