Haaretz, Apr. 16, 2017


Judaism – or more precisely, Jewishness – in the modern sense is no longer a religion but a nationality, like being French, Swedish or American.

This drastic surgery from religion to nationality, which changed the foundation of Jewish identity, was gradually completed by the Haskalah, or Jewish Enlightenment, in the cultural sense, and Zionism in the political-diplomatic sense. The operation was a success, and now there is almost no need for religious elements: Not for commandments, customs, ceremonies or beliefs, and not for constructing a total Jewish identity [....]

On the other hand, [the orthodox secular person] will never miss a seder – because of its public function, linking him to Jews from Nahariya to Colorado – and he will tolerate the Haggadah, while hinting to whoever necessary, by banging a foot under the table, that the time has come to serve the gefilte fish.