Category: Gerusalemme, October 19, 2015


It’s amazing how even intelligent, rather critical Israeli intellectuals [...] believe prevaricator Netanyahu’s claim that Israel has no intention to change the status quo on the Temple Mount. [...] Indeed, why don’t the Palestinians trust us a bit more? Have we ever lied to them, tried to take their land, water, freedom  or holy places by force?!

[...] We get the settlers’ narrative on the present violence: remembering biblical Esau’s hatred towards Jacob as if it were last week, but forgetting the Palestinian family burned to death by Jews a few months ago ("We know who did it," admits Minister of Defense; but the perpetrators enjoy impunity). [...]

East Jerusalem is not cut off from West Jerusalem; this is hardly feasible, as East Jerusalem is packed with Jewish settlements. [...] There are small extremist Jewish settlements even within many Palestinian neighborhood; the land of demolished houses will be given to them to expand. Palestinians in the strangulated Jerusalem neighborhood will have little choice but to leave to the West Bank enclaves; and, to make things even clearer, deportations and retraction of their Israeli citizenship are already considered. What is likely to take place now is not a division of Jerusalem, but rather its ethnic cleansing.