29/5/2017Secondo il  quotidiano Jerusalem Post che riferisce la notizia, l’evento al quale parteciperà Donald Trump rappresenta una sorta di riconoscimento americano di Gerusalemme capitale unita di Israele

Gli israeliani celebrano alla Porta di Damasco, nella zona Est occupata, la "riunificazione" di Gerusalemme

Gli israeliani celebrano alla Porta di Damasco, nella zona Est occupata, la “riunificazione” di Gerusalemme (foto AP)

Gerusalemme, 29 maggio 2017, Nena NewsLa Knesset israeliana e il Congresso americano celebreranno congiuntamente, con un collegamento video in diretta dei due Parlamenti, la cosiddetta “riunificazione di Gerusalemme” avvenuta 50 anni fa durante la Guerra dei Sei Giorni con l’occupazione militare da parte di Israele della zona Est, palestinese, della città. Lo riferisce oggi il quotidiano Jerusalem Post sottolineando che la celebrazione congiunta potrebbe rappresentare un tacito riconoscimento da parte della Casa Bianca di tutta Gerusalemme come capitale israeliana.

May 30, 2016


Plans to promote Israeli tourism have gone hand in hand with Israeli-imposed restrictions on the development of the Palestinian tourism industry in East Jerusalem.


al-Shabaka, May 31, 2016


Evicting Palestinians Using Urban Planning and the “Law”


While Israel works on creating Jerusalem as a business hub that attracts Jews and offers them employment opportunities, the problems faced in East Jerusalem are legion. They include a squeezed Palestinian business and trade sector, a weakened education sector, and a debilitated infrastructure.

The Electronic Intifada, 12 May 2016


Much of this land had been owned by the Abu Ta’ah family. Until now, they had retained this last slice of property, located between a Palestinian hospital and a main thoroughfare, rented part of it to a car business and turned the rest into a large parking lot.

Haaretz, Apr 8, 2017


For the first time the group was allowed to hold the ceremony just a few hundred meters from the Mount − which is administered by a Muslim religious trust


Men conducting a Passover sacrifice near Jerusalem's Temple Mount, April 6, 2017. Emil Salman

It was a reenactment of the Paschal sacrifice, staged by activists seeking to expand the Jewish presence on the Temple Mount and attended by hundreds of right-wing Jewish men, women and children.