Haaretz, Jul. 30, 2016


Three friends driving through A-Ram at night came under fire from Border Policemen, who killed one of them and wounded another. The policemen felt threatened, the authorities claim.



Out of the darkness and from behind a parked civilian car, shots are fired at a moving car that contains three friends. The driver, 22, is killed. The 19-year-old sitting next to him is wounded in the head. The second passenger, 20, is sitting in the back and isn’t hit, but suffers severe shock.

Haaretz, May 09, 2016

Israel expropriated land from an East Jerusalem Palestinian family without a tender and against the rules, then handed it over to Amana, an organization that works to establish settlements and outposts, Haaretz has learned.

Haaretz, Jul. 12, 2016

Border policemen initiate “friction” with residents of East Jerusalem to provoke a violent response from them, according to police reports. Just such a provocation apparently took place in Isawiyah earlier this year, sparking confrontations in which a boy was seriously wounded.

Haaretz, Jul. 27, 2016

Israeli authorities demolished 20 illegally-built, single- and multi-family homes in East Jerusalem overnight Monday, the most extensive house-demolition in the Palestinian sector of the capital in recent years. 

Fares Khadr al-Rishq è morto stanotte mentre viaggiava in macchina nella cittadina di al-Ram insieme ad altre due persone (una delle quali è rimasta ferita). Il ministro Lieberman, intanto, ha impedito ad una delegazione israeliana di incontrare alcuni ufficiali palestinesi


(Foto tratta da Ma’an)

Roma, 13 luglio 2016, Nena News – Un morto, un ferito e una persona arrestata: è questo il bilancio di una sparatoria compiuta stanotte dall’esercito israeliano nella cittadina di al-Ram (a nord di Gerusalemme) in Cisgiordania. Secondo quanto riferisce il ministero della salute di Ramallah, a perdere la vita è stato il giovane palestinese Fares Khadr al-Rishq del quartiere al-Barid di al-Ram.