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The savage manner in which ISIS executed the young Jordanian pilot Kasasbeh [by burning him alive] united the great majority of the people behind the regime and its security and military agencies in support of its war against ISIS. But the Baq’a and Irbid incidents offer clear evidence that ISIS maintains effective sleeper cells that are being put into action.

[...] The fact that two attacks have been carried out within a period of three months suggests that a decision has been taken to target Jordan, its security and stability. And the fact that two Palestinian camps (in Irbid and Baq’a) were chosen as a base is intended to stir internal sedition, which would undermine the country’s stability and security. This explains the PA and its President Mahmoud ‘Abbas’s strong and speedy denunciation, and the similarly strong and quick denunciation from Hamas Politburo head Mr. Khaled Mish’al.