Haaretz, Apr 27, 2017


Tablet's Liel Liebowitz backed Gorka by whitewashing Hungary's WW2 leader as 'only' having killed 20,000 Jews, signalling how some Republican Jews seek an accommodation with the Trump administration and its ethno-nationalist advisers.



The article allows that Miklos Horthy, Hungary’s post-independence leader and a founder of the Vitez, did “on at least one occasion, co-operate with the Nazi plan for the extermination of European Jewry.” This refers to his deportation of 20,000 Jews, “most of them slaughtered by the Nazis.”

“But otherwise,” the article continues, almost laconically, in one of the most infelicitous uses of that phrase ever, he didn’t actively orchestrate the murder of Jews. I suspect we’re supposed to imagine that his subsequent (and temporary) uncooperativeness with Hitler and genocide was a (temporary) attack of conscience, which the Wehrmacht managed to pick apart by 1944.

[...] Bannon, notoriously, was the publisher of Breitbart, a rightwing publication notorious as a platform for the neo-Nazi shut-ins of the so-called alt-right. During his dust-up with Kushner, Bannon reportedly referred to Trump’s young protégé as a “globalist,” a favorite euphemistic neologism that is this century’s version of calling someone a Rothschild or a rootless cosmopolitan.