Haaretz, May 22, 2017


the truth is that the leaders of Arab countries, for the most part, are against the Palestinian people. That was the case during the Palestinian revolt in 1936, that was the case in 1948, and that’s how things are today too.

[...] Here’s a paradox: The leaders of Arab countries are pressuring Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to first agree to Arab-Israeli normalization, and only afterwards to ask Israel to freeze construction in the settlements.

They expect the Palestinians to accept the situation of occupation with love [....]

This alliance is contrary to the wishes of the Saudi people themselves, who are fighting for a society based on humane values and a just distribution of the country’s huge resources.

To people of peace, both Arab and Jewish, we say: Don’t rely on the new alliance. After all, an alliance between Israeli extremists and Arab reactionaries on the one hand, and a representative of the American arms industries on the other, will only give rise to disaster.