Free speach on Israel, 1 June 2017


Fellow social democrat, Péter Niedermüller from Hungary, was more honest, extolling the IHRA clause for making clear that “you cannot question the very being of the Israeli state.”

[...] Ex-UKIP independent Steven Woolfe, describing himself as of Black and Jewish heritage, and as a believer in the state of Israel, nonetheless said adopting the IHRA clause would mean preventing freedom of speech and creating fear of speaking out. “This definition is so broad and wide that if we adopt it we would have to jail Mahatma Gandhi for things he said about Palestine,” Woolfe said [....]

Swedish Green MEP Bodil Valero pointed to the dangers of failing to distinguish between Jews and the state of Israel. It must be possible to criticise Israel without being accused of antisemitism. “Many Jewish peace organisations are quite clearly opposed to defining antisemitism in a way that endangers freedom of speech,” she said.