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Middle East Monitor, July 26th, 2017


Last month, Orban praised Hungary’s World War Two leader Miklos Horthy, calling him an “exceptional statesman.” Horthy was an ally of Adolf Hitler and his regime collaborated with the Nazis by deporting Jews. Half a million Hungarian Jews were killed in the Nazi Holocaust.

And yet Netanyahu gave his backing to the Hungarian leader in the run-up to his visit to Budapest earlier this month, during which he praised Orban’s pro-Israel credentials [....]

This is Israeli policy in a nutshell: anti-Semitism is redefined from “hatred of Jews as Jews” to “criticism of Israel”. This has reached such an extreme peak that even non-Jewish Zionists are permitted to get away with the most outlandish anti-Jewish comments as long as they support Israel right or wrong [....]

Israel’s love-in with Hungary’s anti-Semites exposes the ugly core of Zionism. Its descent into ever more openly-expressed fascism continues apace.