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Haaretz, Aug 12, 2017

'The king is not God, he is sometimes wrong': Arab Spring rattles Morocco. King Mohammed VI, center, brother Prince Moulay Rachid, right, and Crown Prince Moulay Hassan, July 29, 2017 /AP

The story of what happened in Morocco in October 2016 should make anyone who piled the Arab Spring on the ash heap of history shiver. A fishmonger named Mouhcine Fikri, 31, from the city of Al Hoceima on the Mediterranean Sea, had fresh swordfish on display at his stand. Swordfish weren’t in season at the time, and out-of-season sales are banned by law.

Inspectors passing by confiscated the fish, estimated to be worth around $11,000, and threw them into a garbage truck. Fikri rushed to save his goods and climbed into the truck, but then the compactor began to operate and Fikri was trapped inside and crushed to death.

The residents of Al Hoceima, a city of some 100,000 people that suffered two earthquakes in recent decades in which hundreds were killed, accused the inspectors – in other words the authorities – of not letting the small businessman make a living at a time when the entire region was suffering from atrocious poverty and severe discrimination in government funding.